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Le Paris Gujranwala | Payment Plan | Location Map | Payment plan | Features | Project Details – Bilsmark Realty

Le Paris Gujranwala | Payment Plan | Location Map | Payment plan | Features | Project Details – Bilsmark Realty

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Intro of Le Paris Gujranwala

A great lodging plan that is furnished with present day offices and is situated in the core of the delightful city of Gujranwala. Known for its conventional food, this city has acquired some extraordinary consideration lately as far as framework and lodging social orders. This, not just builds the expectation for everyday comforts of this astonishing city yet in addition incited the financial backers to intensify their interest in a safe climate.


Detailed Introduction

We are a gathering of profoundly qualified, skilled and experienced experts working for collective objectives under the visionary and cutting edge leadership of Sheik Mahmood Iqbal, a man with multiple ethics and a demonstrated history of marvelously changing over the impossible; into possible as well as doing some incredible things!

On the mechanical and business scene of Pakistan, Sh. Mahmood Iqbal is a name scarcely requiring a presentation. His name is inseparable from development, advanced vision close by starting and implementing outlook changes throughout everyday life and lifestyles. He got going his profession many years prior with an undertaking, loaded with challenges; Master Tiles, and effectively changed the manner in which development industry was doing their floors and dividers for over a century. His progressive new ideas for floors and dividers turned into an industry standard in under 10 years’ time.

Sheik Mahmood Iqbal is currently good to go to add more up to date measurements to metropolitan spaces and cityscapes while synchronizing them with a definitive of worldwide principles.

The development of Master throughout the most recent forty years is ascribed to the lucidity of vision and conviction. A similar clearness is currently controlling Le Paris – another fantasy and the sorcery of vision, responsibility and commitment to transform it into a living reality.

Video Explanation of Le Paris

Le Paris A Ditto Replica of Paris City!

At the point when we say a same reproduction, we really would not joke about this. Furthermore, to get it going, proficient groups are working all day every day to do it to the degree of minutest subtleties. The greater part of the city elements will be recreated on their real size while others will be built on a relatively diminished scale. Same replication of the town plan, streets, parks and landmarks will enable one to feel the style connected distinctly with Paris. The look, the vibe, the emanation, the scents, the smells, the loftiness, the workmanship and culture, the leisure and amusement, the wealth of involvement, the liveliness of life and richness of lifestyle, all yours for the ages to come.

Overview of Le Paris

Le Paris Housing plan, a reproduction of Paris yet multiple times smaller. A Pakistani engineer is intending to present Paris outside the city of Gujranwala. The Developers of this undertaking are A sister organization of Master Tiles/Ceramics. As per the designers of this task, they will dispatch an accurate imitation of the Paris however with the lone contrast of Size.

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Amenities in Le Paris

  • Le Paris A Ditto Replica!
  • World’s second largest Eifel Tower
  • Arch De Triumph
  • Grand Arch
  • ShanzeLize Street
  • Hafeeza Tufail Mosque
  • University Hospital
  • World class educational institutions
  • Parks
  • Shopping Malls
  • Five Star Hotels
  • Amusement Parks
  • Entertainment
  • Uninterrupted Power & Gas
  • Unprecedented Cleanliness
  • Roads Washing
  • Art Galleries
  • Museums
  • Centre of Performing Arts
  • Transport System

World's Second Largest Eiffel Tower in Le Paris

Of all the Eiffel imitations done as such far around the planet, the one we will introduce in Le Paris Gujranwala is just second in size to the first in Paris

Arch De Triumph in Le Paris

Of all the Eiffel imitations done as such far around the planet, the one we will introduce in Le Paris Gujranwala is just second in size to the first in Paris.

Grand Arch Le Paris

The Grandeur of the city of Paris will have a spot in Le Paris Gujranwala with the reproduction of Grand Arch

The Famous ShanzeLize Street in Le Paris

the most famous street of Paris, The center of shadings, scents, smells, tastes and smiles — all here as a feature of Le Paris

Hafeeza Tufail Mosque of Le Paris

Fabricated reproducing the engineering of Sacre Coeur, probably the biggest mosque in Asia

University Hospital of Le Paris

Of all the Eifel reproductions State of the workmanship University Hospital in a joint effort with Institut Pasteur which will make Le Paris home to a definitive clinical consideration and clinical schooling office Investigate

World class educational institutions in Le Paris

In a joint effort with Center Pompidou and dream d›Orsay, making Le Paris a fantasy objective for advanced education

Parks in Le Paris

Worldwide acclaimed French Parks like Luxembourg reproduced 

Shopping Malls of France in Le Paris

In a joint effort with the world›s dream shopping objective ‘Galleries Marchandes des Champs-Elysées› and lodging other leading French brands

Hyper Mall of Paris in Le Paris

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Five Star Hotels in Le Paris

As a team with names like Ritz, Le Bristol, Le Fouquet›s, Royal-Monceaux adding a global emanation to the city

Amusement Parks in Le Paris

An amusement park is an enormous open air zone where people pay to go to have a good time. Every one of the various exercises in an amusement park are typically founded on a specific thought or subject. Like manege and Aventure Souterraine Disneyland Like amusement parks making Le Paris a first of its sort city in Asia

Entertainment in Le Paris

As a team with or any semblance of L›opera, Salle Gaveau, Bobino, Café de la Gare, La comedic Francaise giving solid diversion lasting through the year

Uninterrupted Power & Gas​ of Le Paris

Le Paris Containing Sustainability and Majestic Approaches of Basic Facilities, On account of the city›s own hostage plants. 

Unprecedented Cleanliness of Le Paris

Le Paris Gujranwala is Inferable from inhouse Community Maintenance Services.

Roads Washing Machines in Le Paris

Le Paris, In congruity of the Paris custom, washing of city streets, consistently

Fmaous Art Galleries in Le Paris

Making Le Paris a middle for workmanship and culture

Museums in Le Paris

like Rodin, Le Louver 

Centre of Performing Arts in Le Paris

Duplicating or as a team with L›Olympia, Palais Gamier and others

Transport System of Le Paris

Counting Live Trams, Buses and Taxis with common assigned stations

Plot Booking Process

For le Paris Booking you have to buy Forms of advance Booking to hold your Plot, This Form Containing value of 125,000/- which will be adjustable in. 155,000/-


For More Information: +92-304-143-3344



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