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Bilsmark Realty Partnership with Hashim Group Turkey

Bilsmark Realty Partnership with Hashim Group Turkey

Bilsmark Realty now dealing in turkey real estate and operating from Pakistan

If you are pakistani passport holder and looking for opportunity to have dual nationality , we have solution of this.

invest in turkey and get nationalty within 1 month.


Bilal Shafiq

Partnership with Hashim Property Turkey

Greetings to all you by Bilsmark Realty, we are the official partner of Hashim Property in Pakistan.  Which part of Hashim Group Company, is one of the leading real estate companies with over a decade of experience provides the best real estate services, guidance and consultation for international clients who would like to invest in real estate sector in Turkey.

Today, hashim property enjoy a partnership with over 30 reputable businesses and project developing companies having over 100 projects in Istanbul only, who can jointly offer many projects that are just exactly the thing you have been looking for. As partners of  Hashim Property, we are your solution partner for all kind of properties whatever your requirements are. We cater for every property need, from offices, retail stores, commercial investments to apartments, holiday homes, luxury villas and residential properties.

How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship

Application to Turkish citizenship via acquisition of property on investment

As per the change introduced by the regulation, Turkish citizenship will be granted to the foreigners who make a real property investment in the amount of USD 250,000.- (or its foreign currency or Turkish Lira equivalent) or who incorporate or acquire a legal  entity with a capital amount of USD 500,000.- (or its foreign currency or Turkish Lira equivalent) or who deposit an amount of USD 500,000.- (or its foreign currency or Turkish Lira equivalent) to state investment instruments or state banks operating in Turkey under the condition that they shall not withdraw this amount for three years. Please note that only the applicant and his first-degree relatives (spouse and children under 18 years old) will be entitled to benefit from the citizenship application.

Procedure to be followed via Real estate buying

Applicant who is willing to apply for the Turkish citizenship should purchase a real property within the above-mentioned limits and should deposit the purchase price to the seller via bank transfer.

For the citizenship applications to be made via acquisition of a real property, the real estate appraisers to be appointed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (“Ministry”) will certify as to whether the value of the real property declared to the title deed office is above USD 250,000$ or not. For this purpose our company helps to attain property evaluation (expertise report) approved by Turkish government to make sure our client has purchased property on the right price.

An “unsaleable annotation” for three years shall be attached to the title deed registry of the respective real property.


How long it take to complete ?

Once you acquire the title deed of your property which is worth 250 thousand dollars and above, you can directly submit your documents to the investment office at the Chamber of Commerce and following a period of 3-6 months you will get the citizenship for your husband/wife and your children below 18. The children above 18 years of age are eligible to attain Turkish residence permit, which will also lead to get passport after the period of 5 years. One thing to mention is that to be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship, the payments must be done through bank transactions and under your name either from bank inside Turkey or directly from the country of the buyer. Buying a property through an installment plan does not qualify you for the application for citizenship as at the time of passport application the payment of 250,000 dollars should already be clear and proved through bank transfer documents.

Requested documents:

1- Application form

2- Valid passport

3- 4 passport-size photos of each member of your family member

4- Birth certificate

5- Residence permit for valid touristic Visa on your passport

6- If applicable, documents proving your relationships with your spouse and children (marriage license, children’s birth certificate)

7- If applicable, copies of the Turkish ID and addresses of the applicant’s relatives in Turkey

8- Payment receipt required for the application

What if the Budget is less than 250,000$ / How to get Turkish residence permit leading to Nationality ?

If the budget of client is less than 250,000 dollars, still they can invest in real estate and get legal status in Turkey. They can buy a property of any price on instalments or down payment, as a result they are eligible to apply and get Turkish residence permit leading to nationality. The residence permit provides them legal status to live in turkey or come without visa whenever they want and have all major rights as local Turkish citizen except for voting. After living 5 years in Turkey on residence permit, the family is also eligible to apply for Turkish passport. There is no age limit in case of residence permit. Once property is bought, all family members despite of age limit (in case their age is above 18) are issued residence permit.

Important matters !

For The applications to be made in order to acquire Turkish citizenship via purchasing a real property in Turkey, the respective real property shall not be sold for a term of 3 years and this is mandatory for the acquisition of the Turkish citizenship. Furthermore, it is of utmost importance that the citizenship application should fulfilled accurately and in full and that the application process should be followed carefully. In case a fault occurs, or a lack of documentation is in question, it would cause the rejection or extension of the application procedure.


Turkey enjoys a very solid economic infrastructure that has proven its solidity through many crisis. Investment in the Turkish Market has never been as attractive as it is today! In the following we will present to you six reasons why you should take Turkey into high consideration for investment.

What is Robust Economy ?

With exports increasing 7.1% from 157.0 billion dollars to 168.1 billion dollars just in the years 2017-2018, with a 4.6% decrease in imports in the same timeframe from 233.8 billion dollars to 223.1 billion dollars. The revenues from international tourism and FDI flows increased 12% and 14% respectively.

In the last 15 years the average volatility of inflation has been 4%, and even though there is an inflation crisis nowadays, the government is planning to cut below the 10% next year.

Domestic & International Markets

The Turkish economy has more than tripled over the past 15 years and is promising more growth in the future, as the GDP in 2002 was 236 Billion dollars in 2017 it is 851 billion dollars. And it is one among the top 10 countries with high GDP per capita in countries with population over 50 million. The middle class in Turkey has increased to 40 million in 2016 when it was 17.8 million in 2002.

Today, Turkey is a member in the EU’s Customs Union which allows direct access to the EU market that is free access to over 945 million consumers.

Strategic Location

Turkey is in proximity to major markets; 1.5 billion people and 24 trillion dollars in DGP in Europe, MENA and Central Asia at 4 hour flight-distance. It is considered a manufacturing & exporting hub for multinational companies such as TOYOTA which exports 85% of its productions from Turkey as well as Ford which exports 77% of its productions, as well as a management hub for multinational companies like Intel, GE Healthcare, B/S/H/, Knauf, Thyssenkrupp Verifone and gsk!

Favorable Demographics

Turkey enjoys with its population being overwhelmed by young and dynamic people ready for work. It is expected that in in the coming few years, the working age population of Turkey will increase from 100% to 110% while that same group in Europe will decrease to 90% from 100%.


Throughout its journey as a EU membership candidate, Turkey has implemented sweeping reforms in many areas and still continues to introduce new reforms.

Business Friendly

Turkey offers protection and ease of doing business with its:

Foreign Direct Investment Law.

Bilateral Investment Protection Treaties with 75 countries.

Treaties to avoid double taxation with 80 countries.

Turkey is ranked 12th in terms of International Tax Competitiveness before Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom and United States.

Lucrative Incentives And Opportunities 

Turkey offers investors a lot of incentives in many ways be it in terms of tax deduction and exemption, payrolls and traning support for employment, support to R&D and many more.

Turkey also provides you lots of abundant opportunities in a variety of sectors.

Get in touch

We as Bilsmark Realty would be glad to help you in Pakistan and provide the Turkish citizenship program via investment in real estate sector in Turkey. You are most welcome to contact anytime for any further required information or assistance.

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